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Charles O'Bryant aboard 'Sungila' during the demostration at the Clement FestivalClement Spring Heritage Festival in Clement NC ~ March 9, 2002

Charles O'Bryant III and Charles O'Bryant Jr. met Bill Wyatt and Judy Wyatt for a day of fun with several Australian Shepherds and Appaloosas. We had received an invitation to attend and give a stockdog demonstration.  The Clement Spring Heritage, held in Clement, North Carolina, home of the world-famous "Hollerin' Contest," was a festival held to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage and history of this region, and provide information to younger generations about the ways and customs of this rural area of North Carolina.  Approximately 2,000 local and regional people attended.

draft horses demonstrating at the Clement Festival March 9, 2002 There were displays of various types of agriculture, tobacco, cotton, equipment, antique vehicles, and farm implements of everyday life. During the day, Charles and Bill performed several stock demonstrations, showing the audience the abilities of both the Australian Shepherd and Appaloosa to move cattle. Several other animals performed demonstrations including a team of Belgians and Percheron exhibit.
The goal of our particular exhibit and demonstration was to familiarize the public with how stock dogs could be used in stock movement. Charles O'Bryant III & Charles O'Bryant II with two of their Aussies Bill and Judy Wyatt from Hubert, North Carolina, Charles O'Bryant Jr. and Charles O'Bryant III from the OBR in Reidsville, North Carolina, participated in various demonstrations throughout the day.  Bill Wyatt and his Aussies worked on foot and precisely moved a group of eight calves from pen to a large working area to demonstrate the use of specific commands on the Aussies used to control stock. Charles, riding Appaloosas, worked from the saddle with the Aussies to show stock control moving the calves from the pen to various areas, demonstrating open pasture maneuvers with horses. These demonstrations were alternated throughout the day.
Charles with Chataqua & Candy - ApHC horses used in the Clement Festival demostration These demonstrations allowed our Appaloosas and Aussies a golden opportunity to shine!  The weather cooperated and it was a perfect early spring day for the event. Charles O'Bryant Jr. staffed the table and handled the Aussies between the demonstrations. Judy Wyatt was the camera technician and was able to record much of the demonstration.   

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