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The O'Bryant Ranch Australian Shepherds are bred from the proven foundation working bloodlines that are well known through out the Aussie world.  

Our breeding program has produced good quality, traditionally bred stock dogs that have sold to ranchers, farmers, and pet homes.  The O'Bryant Ranch Aussies have been used in Agility Trials, as Frisbee dogs for "Famous Flying Dogs" , as geese prevention on golf courses in our state, and on Flyball teams like the Blockade Runners .

Our Australian Shepherds carry the bloodlines from the kennels of Los Rocosa, Boot Hill-Winters, Smithfield, Pincie Creek, Slash V, Twin Oaks, Woods, Windsong, Hanging Tree and Fairoaks.  We breed for agility, endurance, intelligence (self-thinking), and a natural working ability that allows for the stock dogs to move livestock with minimal training.  Our breeding program now includes blue merles and blacks in addition to the reds and red merles that  founded our program.

Check out the pedigrees of our dogs and you'll find many of the 'greats' that founded the breed and made it the versatile breed that it is today.  All our dogs are ASCA, AKC & NSDR registered.

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By experience we have found with the nature of the breed and their ability to work and play, rural homes or agriculture environments are best suited for the Aussie.

Our Aussies are used on horse and cattle ranches, dairy farms, for geese prevention, on agility teams, as family companions, and pet homes. Aussies need daily training from their owners as pups. Suburban and urban homes require a lot of owner responsibility. Customers that have achieved good Aussie socialization skills result from their direct involvement with their new pet. Basically the more you put in to your Aussie, the more you get back from your Aussie. Friendly human interaction, especially child involvement, and the ability to get adequate socialization with other canines will produce a well balanced temperament.


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Click on the dog's name to view their five generation pedigree & photos OR go to the Sires - Dams page

O'Bryants Southern C3 Lady - blue merle, copper & white,  Boot Hill x Twin Oaks

OBryant's Dixie Darling - Blue merle, copper & white trim , 38 lbs, Twin Oaks x Chevreherd

Wyatts Steel Angel -  blue merle, copper & white, 42#, Twin Oaks x Chevreherd

Obryant's Red Rebel Drifter - red tri, copper & white trim, Pincie Creek x Slash V



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