Glossary of terms - Aussies


Certification Title Definitions
Glossary of Terms


Certification Titles

CD Companion Dog
CDX Companion Dog Excellent
STD Started Trial Dog
STDdsc Started Trial Dog (ducks,sheep,cattle)
WTCH Working Trial Champion
OTD Open Trial Dog
ATD Advanced Trial Dog
RD Ranch Dog
WD Working Dog
UD Utility Dog


AKC American Kennel Club
ASCA Australian Shepherd Club of America
Apron Frill or long hair below the neck on long coated dogs
Blaze Streak of white between the eyes
Blue merle Bluish-grey color marbled with black
Brisket The chest or ribcage between and just behind the front legs
Butterfly nose Nostrils are mottled or show flesh color among the brown or black pigment
Dewclaws Extra toe & nail set above the normal toes of the foot and are of no physical value
Dock To shorten or remove a dog's tail
Dudley nose Wholly flesh-color nostrils, quite distinct from Butterfly Nose
Feather Fringe of hair on legs & tail
In Breeding Breeding of closely related animals, such as mother to son, brother to sister (usually considered in breeding if within 3 generations of one another)
Line Breeding Breeding of dogs of similar bloodlines not closer related than 3 generations
Merle Marbling of color 
NSDR National Stock Dog Registry
Out Cross The mating of unrelated dogs or those of an entirely different strain
Prick ear Ears which stand fully erect
Puppy Any dog under one year old
Red Factored Black pup carrying a RED gene
Rose Ear Ear which folds back to expose part of inner ear
Smooth Coat Short flat coat
Spay Removal of the ovaries to prevent females from having puppies
Stifle Joint formed by the upper and lower thighs
Tri color Dogs of three colors (as black, tan, white)
Walleye Blue eye - sometimes called china eye

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