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October 29, 2012

We just wanted to update you on our Boomer we got from you almost 10 yrs ago! He has been a wonderful protector and companion for us all these yrs. He thinks he is a human. 

He makes us laugh all the time! We now live in Las Vegas where he doesn't get to run through the big green grass backyards we have always had, but he adjusted to the desert life. He will be ten in the spring and is still running and jumping and doing all the neat things that Aussies do. Here's a pic from last Christmas. 

We had gotten Boomer from you when our son Ryan was ten when we lived in Brandon, Ms, so it shows you how they both have grown and become best buddies. We hope all is well in Mississippi with you and your family.

Dear Charles O'Bryant,

I wanted to send you a e mail with some pictures of our Aussie named Hershey. We are the Brown family from High Point who has one of your litters from the December 13th 2009 litter. Hershey is a bundle of joy and seeing him in the snow today was awesome, he had a great time out with us playing in the snow and also following us while we were sledding. I have downloaded a few pictures from back in summer but we did take some from today but haven't had time to download.

Hershey loves to play and is great at soft frisbee catching. He has brought alot of fun to our family and we enjoy him tremendously. Please let me know that you received this email and would love to bring him by for you to see. Have a great day.

Keith Brown
High Point NC

Charles -

What a companion she is !

Her weight is 38.8 lbs, 31" tail to end of nose, and 19" at the withers. She seems to have shrunk since the March 23rd measuring - but it's probably me, very hard to measure a dog.

Her disposition is nothing but friendliness - I take her to stores etc - to local hardware, an antique shop, and a Home Depot - everybody adores her - and she responds by flipping over for a belly rub!

All the best to you and your family -

Regards - Jack


Happy customer with blue merle male at 10 weeks.


Charles -

She continues in excellent health - was spayed 9/21st - all went well - the next day she was again " raring to go " - vet said no frisbee until tomorrow - will resume them - it's a good way to drain some of her very abundant energy..

Training continues well - she is very strong willed - I've been working on " stay " - 

She is a very outgoing friendly dog - very happy to see everyone and I mean everyone - tail (what there is of it) wagging fast - then flips on back for a belly rub.

She stays with me in my office - sleeps after our morning walk - then awakes and brings me a toy to throw across the room for her - or if she does not bring me a toy comes over and bites lightly to get me to stop what I am doing and give her attention !

At night we've been letting her get onto our bed, and she is trained to sleep on the floor when the lights go out - but, if I get up at might I come back to bed and find her back in it - but on being put back on the floor is content to go back to sleep there!

A wonderful pet - and v-e-r-y smart!

Regards - Jack

Angel - 27 weeks 6 days


My fiancÚ and I bought a puppy from you last year, Socks.

I was writing to tell you he is doing great, we called him Sox (sounds familiar?), he is very active and love playing with the kids. He is like our son and he is spoiled. LOL Thank you so much for letting us be his new family!

Here is a few pictures of him....thank you again,



Please see enclosed a picture of Jack (O'Bryant's Pure Country) at 17 months playing with his favorite friend, Zeus, the Italian Greyhound.

Jack is doing well. His favorite things to do are catch a Frizbee or go to our rural property and walk the trails.
The only thing I didn't anticipate was how hard it would be to train a working Aussie to leave the neighbor's dogs alone in our suburban home especially when we are surrounded by 6 lb Yorkies (3 of them) who keep trying to pick a fight through the fence with him. But, he is learning to ignore the little monsters.



We have had Daisy for nearly eight years. She is very intelligent and has a wonderful disposition. She is playful and eager to please. She has a natural herding instinct and is great around other animals and pets. We are looking forward to getting our next puppy from you!



Jack (O'Bryant's Pure Country) is still growing. He has a huge frame. I am not sure he will stay under the 23" standard. If he does, it won't be by more than 1/4-1/2". Right now he is pretty high in the rear.

We are having lots of fun. He graduates from his beginning obedience class next week.


From a happy owner:

Hi Charles,

Just wanted to tell you how much my family loves this puppy! Once I get around to registering him, his reg. name is going to be O'Bryant's Pure Country with a call name of Jack.

At 10 weeks, Jack knows how to sit, down, stay, walk on a leash and catch a toy. He is playing really well with the older dogs in the family. And even though they roll him around pretty good, he just keeps coming back for more.

Thanks again for selling him to me.


PS: My vet said that she told her husband it was a good thing I drove to North Carolina to get this puppy cause if the litter would have been in Indiana, they would have one now.

From a happy owner:


Here's an updated picture of Boomer. Believe it or not he weighs a whopping 70 lbs and is in great shape. Runs all the time and chases after balls and Frisbees too! Highly intelligent and his favorite "job" now is hide and go seek in our house. He goes nuts to find us and he loves it! Thanks again for the great dog!

Dana and Joe Combs

From a happy owner:

Thought I'd let you know that the Red Tri pup I got from you about one year ago is a love. She's extremely intelligent, trains easily and is very loving. Great combo. She loves working cattle and has incredible cow sense. We start agility training soon and I think she'll be amazing. She quickly became my buddy and won't let me out of her site. She's my co-pilot for all trips in the truck for feed or what ever. She's also unbelievably cute. Just thought I'd say thanks.

Susan Hatchett
Fulshear, TX 77441

From a happy owner:

Just updating you on our puppy. Bishop is 6 months old today. Hard to believe! He is a beautiful, sweet and loving dog. Here is a picture we took today. Maybe one day we can get another one for him to play with.

Brenda Mayo (4/15/06)

From a happy owner:

Angie Schrock here...just thought I'd update you on Merlot. The Humane Society had a calendar contest with pictures of your pet. Needless to say Merlot is now a pinup...she is featured on the month of May. 

She is such a great dog! She has spoiled us for all others. She ended up being about 40lbs. Both eyes stayed hazel with a speck of blue on one. 

I have your sight booked marked and periodically check your litter information. 

Larry takes her regularly to the Bark Park where they have run into several half brother and sisters.  As if you couldn't tell, she is spoiled rotten to the core! 

Thank you again for such a wonderful dog! 

From a happy owner:

Haven't contacted you in a while - was going to tell you a little about Pearl. She is a large Aussie - 53lbs - and a very trim 53lbs. She is very energetic and requires a lot of attention and interaction. 

She is an accomplished frisbee dog and is constantly wanting to play ball or otherwise be entertained. She goes fishing with me and loves to go for truck rides. And, she is extremely intelligent. 

We went ahead and spayed her, it was hard to manage her heat cycles with mine and my wife's schedules, and where we live there are a lot of undesirable sires running loose.

She is a pet, and lives a very comfortable life with a lot of affection, which she returns willingly. I am very pleased with her and look forward to her companionship for the next few years. I have included a couple pictures for you.


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