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Charles O'Bryant III
456 Waynick Road
Reidsville, NC 27320

O'Bryant Appaloosas


The O'Bryant Ranch produces great quality Appaloosa horses that can be used for work or show. They are ApHC, CRHA, SBC registered. They are bred and raised in a natural environment. From an early age they are familiarized with livestock and are used to work the cattle on our ranch. Our family's 28 year old breeding program has produced many foals of excellent quality and color. 

The Appaloosa bloodlines found in our horses include: Sunspot Revel F1904, Sundance F500, Patchy Jr, Brent Lea, High Thunderbird, Chief Chelsea, Shavano, Money Creek's Rockledge, Ulrichs Many Coups, Pepper's Shamrock, Morgans Leopard, Bambi E F2497, and Candy F320.  Many of these bloodlines were used and developed by old appaloosa breeders such as Roy Kline, Ralph and Joyce Cannon, Wayne and Lois Wyant, and Lee Warne and his family.

We strive to produce Appaloosas with intelligence,  good dispositions and traditional Appaloosa build that can be used for work or play.

The foals we produce are handled and imprinted at birth and exhibit the qualities found in the traditionally bred Appaloosas. Our goal is is to produce a few good quality traditional type Appaloosa foals from the Sunspot Revel F1904 bloodline.

OBR Sunspot Pete & Charles - Fall 2003


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