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Sunspot Revel Bloodline Breeders

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May 8, 2002  

Dear Appaloosa Owner,

You are one of approximately thirty persons being contacted who owns a Sunspot Revel bloodline descendent. There are many appaloosa owners and breeders throughout the U.S., Australia and Europe with Sunspot Revel descendants. If you are either a mare or stallion owner, or a breeder standing a stallion that is a bloodline descendent of Sunspot Revel, you are being contacted to participate in a collective advertising campaign to promote this outstanding bloodline. The first ad for the new collective was just published in the Sundance 500 International May 2002 newsletter, where three stallion owners decided to jointly advertise their stud services.  

The objective of the Sunspot Revel Bloodline Breeders Collective is to create a group of Sunspot Revel owners and breeders that will focus on promoting and preserving this bloodline. We hope to create a worldwide advertising group that is united in bringing the Sunspot Revel bloodline into the public's view. Several specific goals of the group are:  

  • Promoting and showcasing the bloodline descendants of Sunspot Revel through group advertising in various equine publications. 
  • Sharing of historical information on Sunspot Revel and Sun Appaloosas. 
  • Creating a referral service among the owners for sales and trades of offspring. 
  • Distributing a list of Sunspot Revel Bloodline Breeders and Owners to the people in the collective.  
  • Increasing awareness of the athletic and performance abilities in all disciplines found in the descendants of Sunspot Revel. 

There are no fees associated with being in the group of advertisers. The only costs will be the actual ads that will be printed in the publications like SD 500, CRHA, ICAA, AAFBI, ApSHA newsletters. Eventually we hope to advertise in the larger magazines such as the Appaloosa Journal and the Western Horseman if the group chooses. Currently, we plan to offer 2 styles of advertising in the newsletters. The photo with pedigree style as seen in the enclosed ad for Sundance 500 International, which is an ideal format for owners standing studs or selling foals and mares. If four different owners are listed on one page, the cost is $10.00 per owner for Sundance 500 International and $6.25 per owner for the CRHA newsletter. Both publications combined reach over 300 people.  

The other choice for advertising our collective will be an ad listing the owner's name, ranch or farm, address, phone and email. This could be published in each newsletter for less than $5.00 per person, pending the number in the group. These two particular newsletters are published every other month, so if the owner wanted both type ads published, the cost would be about $15 per person for Sundance 500 and $10 per person for CRHA. I will verify rates in the other publications once I determine the number of owners and breeders interested in advertising as a group.  

If you choose to participate in the advertisements, or just want to be included as a source for the collective of Sunspot Revel bloodline descendants, please notify me and then forward your pedigree information, photos and other information to me. Owners who want to be in the collective will be provided with a list of owners and breeders of Sunspot Revel bloodline descendants. It would be sorted by the individual sons and daughters of Sunspot Revel. This list will create a nice cross reference for sales referrals between the group's advertisers. For my personal information I have created a list of Sunspot Revel bloodline breeders and owners. I would be happy to send each person who becomes part of the collective a copy at no charge. As more information is sent in for the ads, it will create a very good data base of information regarding the location, type of bloodline, services offered and discipline of your individual program. 

My interest in developing this collective, results from discovering the bloodline behind my stallion Sunspot Pete, an own son of Sunspot Revel. As some of you know, my father and Ralph Cannon were friends in during the late 70's and early 80's which resulted in several foals from OBR mares bred to Sunspot Revel. This past year I had spoken with other breeders across the U.S. who also shared the same enthusiasm toward Sunspot Revel and his descendants. We had discussed creating a list of breeders and owners before, but never put the plan into action. 

I have received a blessing from Ralph Cannon on this idea and he encouraged me to continue to promote Sunspot Revel in any manner that is positive. There is no better way to achieve this goal, than by showing the Appaloosa world what we have to offer from this versatile bloodline. We know the greatness of the stallion Sunspot Revel because of our personal experiences with his descendants. Let us share this greatness with the rest of the world. I encourage you to consider this idea and then contact me with your decision and any constructive ideas. 

Please feel free to contact me by email  or by phone in the evenings at 336-644-1439.

 Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon. 


Charles L. O'Bryant, III

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