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Charles O'Bryant III
456 Waynick Road
Reidsville, NC 27320

O'Bryant Mares:
   Jasper's Raisin
   JCA Sun Harmony
   Sunspot Piper
   Sunspot Easter
   Sunspot Texas Star
   WL's Baby Grand

O'Bryant Stallions:
  Sunspot Pete  
  Sunspot Rooster
  Sunspot Repete  

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Our 27 years of Appaloosa breeding has been focused on the Sunspot Revel F1904 descendants.  Several stallions and colts have come and gone, but two Sunspot Revel F1904 descendants from my father's program remain.  I have recently expanded my breeding  program to include a leopard stallion from the old Roy Kline program and a leopard colt from the Horizon Hill Ranch.  Both are from Sundance F500 and Sunspot Revel F1904 bloodlines.  All of our stallions are ApHC, Sundance 500 and CRHA registered.

OBR Sunspot Pete
ApHC T 377232
CRHA 2750 N
SBC 1232A

OBR Sunspot Pete - 11-10-02

OBR Sunspot Repete 
ApHC 619687 100% FPD
CRHA 6401 O
SBC 1380 E


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Our stallions are used on our ranch to ride, work cattle and travel to various trail rides.  Their fine dispositions have allowed many visitors and my young son to ride them.  Sunspot Comet and Sunspot Pete were hand raised from a colts to become a fine riding stallions. 

Sunspot Pete (an own son of Sunspot Revel) has been my personal mount for trail rides and moving stock.  Without any professional training this horse and I have moved cattle on the ranch for many years. 

Sunspot Pete ~ ApHC T377232, CRHA 2750, SBC 1232A - foaled 4/13/82, red roan with hundreds of small red spots all over his body, standing 14.3 hands and is very agile and an excellent worker with very quick movements.  Sunspot Pete is an own son of Sunspot Revel who carries the Sundance 500 bloodline.  His dam Skip-A-Rue's Moon carries the Plaudit bloodline.  Sunspot Pete has been my personal mount for trail rides and moving stock.  Without any professional training this horse and I have moved cattle on the ranch for many years.
Sunspot Repete ~ ApHC 619687, 100% FPD (note: Repete really is 100% FPD but Fox CRHA #10 L was not registered by ApHC), CRHA #6401 O, Sundance 500 SBC # 1380 E ~ Foaled 4-1-2003, OBR's Jr Stallion first foals due 2006.

Sunspot Repete foaled on April Fools day, is a son of Sunspot Pete and grandson of Sunspot Revel F1904. From his dam Jasper's Raisin he carries the bloodline of Lee Warne's stallion Bambi E F2497. He carries himself very proudly and moves quickly as did his sire and grandsire. Full of energy he is very  focused when moving amongst his peers (other colts and yearlings), and already shows ability to move and cut calves. He will definitely become a fine "using horse" and carry forward the traits seen in the Colorado Rangerbred and Sundance 500 Horses.

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